Impact of Stakeholder Engagement on the Success of Projects in the East Mamprusi Municipality

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November 2019.
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Stakeholder engagement is emerging as a means of describing a broader, more inclusive, and continuous process between a company and those potentially affected that comprises a broad range of activities and approaches and spans the life cycle of a project. The aim of the study was to improve stakeholder engagement in the East Mamprusi Municipality on project success. In order to achieve the aim of the study the following objectives were established for the study: to identify the indicators for measuring stakeholder engagement of public projects; to identify the levels of stakeholder engagement in East Mamprusi Municipality; to evaluate the impact of stakeholder engagement on the success of projects and to recommend the stakeholder engagement practices that will enhance project success. The study adopted the quantitative research strategy in assessing the impact of stakeholder engagement on project success. The study employed the use of questionnaire in gathering primary data for the study. The sample size of 100 was conveniently and purposively sampled from the Assembly men and key assembly officials of East Mamprusi Municipal Assembly as well as opinion leaders and community members of East Mamprusi Municipality. Relative Importance Index, Mean Score Ranking and Kendall’s Coefficient of Concordance were employed in analysing the data. It was seen that the respondents ranked the interest of stakeholders in projects and stakeholder inputs during project being the highly ranked indicators for measuring stakeholder engagement in public projects. However, it was clear from the responses that respondents disagreed that the levels of stakeholder engagements were employed on most of the public projects in East Mamprusi Municipality. From the findings it was prevalent that stakeholder engagement avoid conflicts on projects and stakeholder engagement improves stakeholder relationship. It was discovered after analysis the most important stakeholder practices that was likely to impact project success according to the study respondents was gathering feedback from stakeholders on a project. The study recommended that stakeholders must be continuously engaged during project implementation as a measure to ensure project success in EMA.
A Thesis Submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Award of Msc. Project Management
East Mamprusi Municipality,, Project Success,, Stakeholder Engagement