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The influx of foreigners to the African Continent has been rising over the years. The main source of attraction being what the continent has to show in terms of the different cultures existing all over the continent. In Ghana our rich culture has so much to offer and considering the revenue that is obtained from the tourist industry, revamping of the tourist industry has been inevitable. The awareness of what the tourist industry can do for the nation as a whole as well as individuals is making the local people strive to promote to the highest possible level our culture in an unadulterated manner at both local and international level. Existing already is a combination of castles on our beaches with numerous stories to tell about various cultures as well as artefacts from years back. However, the very outstanding tourist attractions are the durbars and festivals of the various tribes in Ghana which do well to show the artefacts, regalia etc. of the tribes. Other outstanding materials are our arts and crafts. In all only a few African countries can rival this. Ghana’s potential as a tourist destination is beyond doubt, as a result of the rich cultural heritage and secondary attractions such as sunny weather and tropical food. Tourism development in Ghana is hindered by lack of investment and if available very little. Thus there is not enough for full exploitation of our cultural heritage. The necessary infrastructure is already in existence. There are good roads, railway and airlines between major tourist centres. There is therefore the need for further and impressive development of numerous tourist attractions and spots together with promotional and publicity policies to attract both investors and foreigners. Ashanti Region, one of the most popular and powerful areas in Ghana has a very rich cultural heritage and has very interesting information as pertains its history and culture from the beginning of the Ashanti Kingdom till present. THE PROJECT This project approved by Clients; Ghana Tourist Board, Ghana Museums and Monuments board in collaboration with Ashanti Regional house of Chiefs is to provide a Museum for Ashanti Artefacts in Kumasi. This will house all artefacts of the Ashanti Kingdom acquired or made through the years and, tell the story of this great Kingdom from the beginning till now. SCOPE Facilities to be provided include: Galleries or exhibition rooms (permanent) Temporary exhibition spaces Snack Shop Offices for management Library Auditorium Shops for the sale of souvenirs Areas for relaxation before and after tours OBJECTIVES The aims and objectives of this project are to provide spaces for the secure storage and impressive display of our artefacts, regalia etc which are priceless because of their age, quality and material and to provide a facility which aside meeting user requirements will enhance the aesthetic character of the surroundings of the original Kumase, lift up the image of the area and also give delight to the user and local inhabitants of present Kumasi and Ashanti region as a whole. TARGET GROUPS Tourist from all over the world - men - women - children
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, 1998