The Financial Administration of the Church of Pentecost - New Tafo Area

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Faith based organizations are non profit making institutions that are established to advance a Religious oriented course with an objectives order than profit. Since they are not profit oriented resources that come in are used to advance the course of the organization. The Church of Pentecost is the faith based Christian organization which is headquartered in Ghana. This paper seeks to research into the financial administration of the New Tafo Area of the Church of Pentecost. With special emphasis on funds flow. Upon a research 160, respondents it was noted that though budget were prepared they were not strictly adhered to-. The finance Committee, as a board that manages the church's finances, do not meet regularly to consider the cash situation of the church. It is therefore recommended that the research that budgets should be prepared before the year starts and that a flexible budget should be adopted. Expenditure outside the budget should be avoided.