Papier mâché cement mix and the concept of “naivety” in sculpture.

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June, 2009.
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The objective of working in Papier mâché- cement mix and “naivety” sculpture (using the pseudo technique in imitating others works of art) with colour painting to generate aesthetics and more excitement in sculpture was accomplished.In order to fulfil the objective of the research, the experiments also covered various sizes and shapes of relief and in-the-round sculpture.This development helped effect a successful pattern of creation, while the interplay of light and shade of the direct modelling with the papier mâché- cement mix helped to enhance their aesthetic qualities, resulting in attractive and appealing images in each case.“Naivety” mostly portrays the idea of inexperience and lack of technical knows how which does not conform to the popular ways of executing artworks. The research represents a structuring of some of the past and present experiences and methods by which when reflected on can lead one in creating artworks without thinking about his or her weakness in executing any form of artwork. The research also delves into the desire to render works that were technically beyond one’s reach as an inexperienced artist. So in the process of creating such works, the researcher’s adult hand brings a sense of neglect of experience factors to the translation of amazed admiration and naivety. “Naivety” offers a whimsical view of abstract traditionally oriented artworks of a particular environment in Ghana (Ashanti region) and the environments they occupy, but one that is tinged with intentional impulse of the researcher’s views. The researcher therefore explores the concept of “naivety” to conceive the ideas into artworks.The merging of Papier mâché and cement mix gives the artist with less experience to express the ideas from his mind in direct modelling because of the slow drying rate of the materials. This gives the inexperience artist the chance to revisit the work and add or subtract what is deemed appropriate to the artist. As such, the various styles and techniques executed by the artist are all employed in sculpture.
A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Art (Mfa Sculpture) .