Canoe decoration in the central region: implications for Art Education

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Fishing canoes in the Central Region have decorations for communicating cultural values that have implications for public education and Art education but this is not known to the general public. The public should therefore be made aware of this. The research reviewed the related literature, conducted personal interviews, identified, described, examined and analyzed the various designs and inscriptions used in decorating canoes in the Central Region. It also discussed the aesthetic and cultural values of the designs and inscriptions and determined their implications for educating the public and for Art education. The study revealed that canoes in the Central Region have been acculturated with European symbols. Most symbols have been conventionalized. The study also revealed that the introduction of outboard motors have brought a change into the canoe decoration. The sizes of canoes have been enlarged and bolder designs are now seen on them. The findings unveiled that Art historians, Art educators, historians and Anthropologists are not doing much in researching into canoe decoration.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Art Education in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts, 2004