International Transit Facility, Accra

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By definition a transit facility is a facility providing comfort and convenient services to a traveller in transit; that is a traveler moving over, across or through a place. Transit facilities also take into consideration transient travellers who stay for short periods in a place. Types and User Groups Various types of transit facilities occur irrespective of mode of transport. These are: i) Accommodation ii) catering iii) Services, especially for automobile iv) Shopping v) Recreation and Entertainment. Accommodation Facilities: A prominent feature of transit accommodation facilities is its proximity of location to its node of transport or termini. Examples can be seen in Airport hotels provided near or in airports or Motels located near highways. These accommodation facilities are usually patronised by travellers staying for a few hours, overnight or for a few hours, overnight or for a few days in a town, city or country Clientele usually associated with transit accommodation facilities are: a) Business men who stay overnight for a few days a place to conduct business meetings, etc. b) Tourist who are in transit. ii) Catering Facilities Again these facilities are located near their transportational modes or termini. They offer a wide range of services in combination or individually from fast food snack shop to full bloom specialty restaurants in either for manual or self service vender modes. They are also found in combination with other transit facilities. Clientele would differ depending on the level end price of service i.e. specialty restaurant or low class cafeteria or chop bars and would include a wide range of people from all walks of life iii) 3Service Facilities This form of transit facility, relating to road transport offers a wide range of services from fuel retail to specialised automobile servicing. Again these occur individually or in combination with other transit facilities and are used by all road users. iv) Shopping Facility The form of facility ranges from Duty free foreign exchange shops to consumer good shops and beautician shops. The fore which these facilities would take in combination with other transit facility would depend on the type size of clientele and destination of the clientele; international or local. v) Recreation and Entertainment These are often located in combination with other facilities; for example accommodation facilities; and take the form of sporting facilities and landscape relaxation facilities; with entertainment facilities like night clubs and the users can be drawn from the locality of the facility.
A thesis presented to the Faculty of Environmental and Development studies of the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Post Graduate Diploma in Architecture.