Observable artistic changes in the funerals of Adanse Traditional Area.

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September, 2010.
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Funeral rites have been with mankind since creation. Funerals are observed to pay the last respect to the deceased. Art has played a major role in funerals since creation. However, art in funerals has seen some changes in Adanse Traditional Area since the past fifty years due to modernity and technology. The researcher, in an attempt to find out the changes in art forms in the area understudy used qualitative and descriptive research methods. The researcher adopted qualitative research method to help him to obtain a clear picture of what he observed. So also he chose descriptive method to enable him describe in detail all the art forms he observed and information he got from interviewees. From the study, the researcher realized that the many art forms that have been added to funeral celebrations in the Adanse traditional area have brought employment opportunities to some of the people living there. Despite the creation of jobs during funerals others see funerals with its attendant hardships. Some people are of the view that because of the affluence that people attach to it, huge sums are spent on the many use of arts. They made mention of the high cost of coffins, the many souvenirs, announcements and cloths, among others. They are of the view that such monies could be used to help brilliant but needy pupils in schools and developmental projects in the towns. The researcher recommends that affluence which goes with funerals in Adanse should be minimized. The Traditional rulers and opinion leaders should take it upon themselves to educate the masses to reduce the many art forms thereby saving some money to help the needy or schools in the area. It is appropriate to use various art forms in funerals to showcase the rich culture of the people of Adanse. Its attendant advantages over weigh the disadvantages, yet the importance of the art forms is dear to the heart of the researcher. In all the funeral literature read so far by the researcher, the authors failed to show the importance and advantages of art forms used in funerals though they made mention of the arts. This constitutes an academic vacuum which this thesis has filled. The researcher suggest to future researchers to look at the financial problems that the use of many art forms have brought to bear on many homes especially the children of a deceased person and the inheritor.
A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts