Exploring strategies for reducing cost of maintenance on heavy mobile mining equipment: The case of Golden Star Wassa Limited

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This study explored strategies for reducing cost of maintenance on 'heavy mobile mining equipment.' 'Maintenance operations' consume a significant portion of the operating cost of these fleets. Three objectives were set to enable the researcher achieved the primary goal of the study. ‘Surface mining equipment ' has a finite economic life that occurs before the end of the equipment’s physical life. This research initially intended to collect and pre-process the maintenance work database through questionnaires and interview of key personnel in the industry. To obtain a better model for each of the available equipment classes, 'data mining analysis ' was used to compare different algorithms. These trend analyses and models will help the equipment manager to take decisions related to 'equipment maintenance cost. The results showed that operating cost has a significant impact on the cost of maintaining 'heavy mobile mining equipment.' Large companies do economic analysis, as recommended by the equipment suppliers. They incorporate the quantifiable factors of' increased 'maintenance cost,' decreased performance and technological improvements. Smaller mining companies and contractor companies generally only consider historical cost and performance trends, and there is scope for improving the replacement decision of their 'heavy mobile mining equipment.' The study made the following recommendations; all mining and contracting companies to draft and introduce a formal policy for the replacement of their 'earthmoving equipment,' the equivalent annual cost (EAC) model is the most suitable model for the replacement of 'heavy mobile mining equipment,' and 'maintenance strategy' should be adopted once it has been implemented
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science Project Management
Earthmoving equipment, Maintenance, Heavy mining mobile equipment