Critical success factors for design build procurement method in subsidy-based projects: A case study of the IDA/World Bank sanitation and water project in Ghana

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Studies on project success and the critical success factors (CSFs) are considered to be a means to improve the performance of the project. Procurement methods normally focus on the ability of the method to manage risk in project undertaking. The construction industry is dynamic in nature due to increasing uncertainties in technology and development process. Design and Build which is one of the innovative techniques, has gained popularity over time with a cost saving reputation. The basic concept of Design and Build require the project to be contracted to a single organization that would be responsible for design, procurement, engineering and commissioning. This research studies the critical success factors for design-build procurement method in subsidy based project by assessing the challenges in design-build procurement method and critical success factors enabling the performance of the design build procurement method in subsidy based project. A detailed literature review was carried out to properly discuss the critical success factors of design-build procurement method that can promote the successful implementation of design-build procurement method. Well-structured questionnaires were distributed to procurement practitioners, which enabled them to rate the critical success factors of Design and Build and also make recommendations using the mean score of 5 as the highest possible ranking. This research shows that more of procurement practitioners are aware of the design build procurement method. To fulfill its aim, a quantitative approach was used and forty (40) questionnaires were administered to Sixteen (16) Metropolitan Municipal Assemblies within the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. The results also show that there is difficulty in defining clearly requirements for the design build procurement method and still leave room for contractor’s creativity. Furthermore, critical success factors for implementing design build procurement also shows that all project participants accepted the risk and legality they had to face whiles the critical success factors enabling the performance of design build also shows all project participants resolved conflicts quickly. Given the recommendation , the study recommends that key project participants and stakeholders must be involved early in the process to ensure that client requirement are clearly articulated and communicated. Adequate time and effort must be invested in order to get this key process accomplished.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of a Degree of Master of Science in Procurement Management.
Critical success factors, Design Build, Procurement method