Revolte des adolescents dans taaw de sembene ousmane et lemiroir de la vied’aminata maiga ka

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In this work, we research on revolt of enlightened adolescents in Taaw and Le Miroir de la vie, respectively written by Sembene Ousmane and his Senegalese compatriot, Aminata Maïga Ka. The study articulates problems and challenges of the African youth and of the African Continent after independence. It also finds that disobedience, insolence, confrontation, rural-urban migration, terrorism as well as opposition to social and political ideologies of elders are, among others, ways by which the adolescents rebel. The causes of the rebellion range from hostile negative cultural practices to irresponsibility of parents and some African leaders. These people remain the target while destruction and social instability exemplify the negative effects of the revolt. The work also bemoans the invocation of curses on the rebellious child, his or her ejection from the home, undue deployment of the security agencies to arrest him or her as well as other ways by which the antagonistic behavior of the African youth is dealt with in the society. The research does not only re-echo ways of molding the African youth into responsible and productive adults but also suggests ways of favorably reforming the sociopolitical fibers of post-independent Africa for better humanity.
A thesis submitted to the School of Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the Master Of Philosophy (M.Phil) degree in French. 2015