Business failure in Ghana: the case of Ghana Airways Limited

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Business Failure refers to the cessation of a company's operations following its inability to make profit or enough revenue to cover its operational costs. Ghana Airways Limited was a Ghana government airline established to be the national carrier in 1958. It was established as a business entity with the aim of making profit. The world over, companies contribute to national development and the well being of the citizens of the country. Ghana Airways as business entity went through so many changes just to stand on its feet. However, all efforts made could not provide the necessary results that the company needed to survive. The company finally folded up on 22nd June 2005. The research sought to ascertain the factors that caused the failure of the company. The researcher used personal interview for the data gathering. The entire workforce of the defunct company could not be contacted (this was of course impossible due to the scattered nature of the staff after the company had gone on liquidation). Therefore twenty ex-employees of the company and the official liquidator - Registrar General's Department and Pricewaterhouse Coopers were interviewed for information. The research proved that the main factor that brought Ghana Airways to its knees was government interference. Other factors such as poor management practices; lack of working capital, and the use of obsolete equipment also contributed to Ghana Airways failure. It was therefore concluded that the government should not interfere in organizations and give the management free hand to operate to make government companies achieve their goals. In private companies, good management practices, use of modern equipment and  
A thesis submitted to the Institute of Distance Learning, KNUST in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the ward of degree of Master of Business Administration