The effect of integrated marketing communication on corporate brand image -A case study of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited – Kumasi

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November, 2015
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In an era of tremendous information overload, the buyer has evolved a mechanism to handle the amount of information available. For information to remain competitive and successful there is the need to develop an effective marketing plan, a media plan, good branding image as well as a good strategy; IMC helps to integrate the various participants and stakeholders, aligning all resources to achieve objectives successfully. This study therefore sought to examine the effect of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) on corporate brand image using Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited-Kumasi as a case study. The research design adopted was descriptive. The population of GGBL (customers, management, retailers & distributors) was estimated at 800,350 out of which a sample of 260 was drawn. The main instrument used was questionnaire. Both secondary and primary data were used. In measuring the effect of IMC on brand image, the researcher conducted a regression analysis; the study found some level of correlation between IMC and brand image. However, the independent variable (IMC) had a weak relationship with brand image (dependent). The correlation value was 0.251. The R2 value indicates that approximately 6% (0.063) brand development could be explained using integrated marketing activities. Again, the study found that GGBL was most competitive in terms of quality. Approximately 96 percent of respondents rated GGBL as being of good quality compared with other producers in the industry. Based on the above findings, management of GGBL must ensure that the use of horizontal and top down (vertical) communication strategy does not create confusion about its corporate goals. It is also important that all IMC activities are in sync with overall corporate mission and vision. Also, in deciding what type of IMC services to outsource, it is crucial that in-house capabilities are assessed to avoid employee hostility toward external consultants.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Master of Business Administration (Marketing option),