The effect of relational resources on supply chain performance. The mediating role of supply chain innovation.

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The central goal of this study is to understand the effect of RR on SCP through the facilitation of SCI as the mediating construct in the hospitality industry. The study's statistical analysis was performed through inference due to its nature as an explanatory cross-sectional survey. A quantitative methodology was employed in the study. The study's population consisted of managers from the hospitality industry in Ghana. Data was collected from 250 participants. The research assumptions were evaluated using s SPSS v26.0 and smartpls v4.0 The data was summarised using descriptive statistics. The study's results indicate that there is a positive and significant relationship between both RR and SCP in the hospitality industry. The findings also indicate that, SCI positively and significantly improves SCP and also mediates the link between RR and SCP. The results suggest that prioritising RR and SCI can significantly improve the SCP at the hospitality industry. The findings suggest that companies operating in the hospitality sector should prioritise the utilisation of creative approaches in managing their SC. The implementation of novel technologies, incorporation of optimal practises, and establishment of innovative processes and procedures are among the various manifestations of SCM innovation. Through investment in innovation, companies can enhance their SCP, thereby enabling them to attain a CA in the marketplace.
A thesis submitted to the department of supply chain and information systems, school of business in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of science in procurement and supply chain management