Enhancing Mining Company-Community Relations: a Case Study of Ahafo Gold Mine

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The increasing industrial surface mining operations in Ghana and he consequent impact on socio-economic and environmental variables have been the major concern to the mining communities and other stakeholders in Ghana’s mineral development over the last decade. This phenomenal change in the mining communities has served as recipe for conflict between the mining company and the community. Ahafo Gold mine project located in Brong Ahafo like any other mining project has suffered from the community concerns and resistance. Using mainly qualitative methodological approach, the thrust of the research, was to identify and explain adversarial variable that tend to strain the relationship between gold mining companies and their communities in Ahafo-Ghana, with the view to identify and develop appropriate strategies that are likely to enhance company-community relations. The analysis of the results indicated that generally the mine impacted positively on the local economy, but negatively affected the socio-environmental elements. The major sources of conflicts were economic expectations, deviance on socio-cultural principles and the environmental problem. Based upon the analysis, it is reasonable to assert that an enhanced mining company community relation requires strategies that will reduce communities’ expectations and concerns about the company’s operations, make the company change their attitudes and ensure effective or reconciliatory function in the company-community relations. And commit the three major actors in the mineral development to issues of company-community relation.
A thesis submitted the KNUST School of Business in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Masters in Business Administration, 2008