Corporate social responsibility and firm performance: the role of corporate governance

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The main objective of the study was to examine the moderating role of corporate governance on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and firm performance. The design was quantitative, explanatory, and a desk study. The study iv sampled 16 firms listed on the ghana stock exchange. The data for the study was secondary and was gathered from the annual reports of the firms. The data was analysed using random effect gls regression. The study found that csr was positively related to firm performance. Also, board size negatively moderated the positive relationship between csr and firm performance. Also, the study found that board independence and managerial ownership did not moderate the csr - firm performance relationship. The findings were robust to the fgls covariance matrix. It is recommended that firms should consider the trade-offs between csr and board size. They can conduct a cost-benefit analysis of different board sizes andstructures to determine the optimal balance between board size and csr efforts
A thesis submitted to the department of accounting and Finance, college of humanities and social sciences, In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of science in accounting and finance