Staff motivation and customer satisfaction - a case of Ghana Commercial Bank Limited, Ho

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Many banks attribute their growth to the successful transformation to a sales culture. Banks now have retailer mentality, and strongly emphasis on sales at all levels of the organization, all the way down to the branch level. The study seeks to identify the motivational packages available to employees of Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd Ho, and to ascertain whether the motivational packages are achieving the purpose-for which they were set. Secondly, to assess how customers perceive the service rendered to them by the branch and identify how those services can be improved to strengthen customer trust and loyalty. The general objective of the research was to assess the impact of staff motivation on customer satisfaction at the Ho Branch of Ghana Commercial Bank Ltd and the specific objectives were to identify packages for motivating staffs, to examine » the various forms of staff motivational packages, to assess the effects of such motivational packages on customer satisfaction, to identify how customers are satisfied with products & services of the bank, to identify how customers want to be served in order to be satisfied and to suggest ways in which the Branch can improve customer satisfaction. Judgemental sampling method was used to sample staff of the branch and customers. The researcher purposely chose respondents who in his opinion are relevant to the research topic. Primary data collection techniques used in data collection were questionnaires and personal interviews. Questionnaires were administered to customers of the bank and staffs were interviewed to extract the needed information. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were employed in the data analysis. For the quantitative aspect, Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used. Frequency distributions, percentages, mean and descriptive analysis of assessing staff motivation and its impact on customer satisfaction in Ghana Commercial Bank. Data collected were collated and presented in the form of tables, bar graphs and pie chart. It was found out that not all staffs were entitled to the various motivation packages that the bank has for staffs. The ICT infrastructure's frequent going off has been a problem to both staff and customers. The long queues in the branch everyday are very dissatisfactory to the customers. The ATM's frequent breakdown has made the whole ATM system very unreliable. The motivational packages available to staff of the branch have not been good enough, and this had a direct impact on how they handled customers in the course of service delivery.
A Thesis submitted to the Institute of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Commonwealth Executive Master of Business Administration (CEMBA)