Examining the service quality and patient satisfaction at Ankaase Methodist Hospital.

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AUGUST, 2015.
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In an increasingly competitive health service environment, the initiation of a quality patient service strategy can be a critical success factor. The study examines service quality gaps and patient satisfaction within the Ghanaian health sector with particular focus on Ankaase Methodist Hospital. The study engaged quantitative approaches. The research population comprised Inpatients Out-patients and nurses of Ankaase Methodist Hospital within the year 2015 and was estimated at 780, out of which a sample of 250 was chosen. The sources of data included primary and secondary data. The researcher adopted convenient sampling techniques in soliciting information for the study. SPSS statistical package was used in analyzing the data. The study established that, the service quality gap per nurses was about tangibility service whiles that of patients was about empathy of service delivered by nurses at the hospital. The service quality gap within Ankaase Methodist Hospital was tangibility and empathy services. Again, the study established that, majority of patients did indicate that they were very much satisfied with the quality of service delivered at the hospital though they were not up-to expectation. Additionally, the result implied that service quality has a positive relationship with patient satisfaction given that the regression coefficients were all positive. The services rendered were statistically significant at p-value of 0.05. Also the services rendered had a predictive power (R2) of 0.837 approximately 83.7 percent chance of predicting patient satisfaction which was moderate. The study finally recommended nurses and health assistants to encourage great association with patients in order to investigate unsatisfied needs. Nurses must be courteous and accurate in managing all patients.
A thesis submitted to KNUST School of Business, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Master of Business Administration.