Assessing the effect of procurement planning on service delivery in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA)

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Procurement planning has been a primary function of procurement which has the possibility to contribute to the accomplishment of local governments operation in improving service delivery. It sets in motion the whole acquirement and procurement process of local governments. Notwithstanding this importance, very little research has been done to scrutinize the magnitude to which efforts in procurement planning can contribute to effective local governance. Local government authorities, being among the public service institutions, have the responsibility to ensure that procurement planning achieves what it intends for national development programmes and specifically, the procurement activities. It is therefore important for the public organizations to approach the procurement planning as critical success factor for the organizational success and for the value for money in the whole procurement process. The aim of this research was to assess the effect of procurement planning on service delivery within the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. In order to achieve the aim and objectives of this study, the purposive sampling technique was used. In all questionnaires were administered to 62 workers at the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly. The research reviewed procurement planning influences on service delivery to a greater extent, as it can determine the cost and accessibility of a service. The major importance of procurement planning that was established in the study were; procurement planning ensures efficient and effective delivery of a service. The study also reviewed the challenges faced in dealing with procurement planning. It is difficult for the workers to adapt to new and changing procurement methods. The assembly does not have adequate personnel with the requisite knowledge and skills in dealing with procurement issues. Based on these challenges, some recommendations were suggested to help minimize procurement planning challenges. The Assembly should provide in service training to build the capacity of workers in dealing with procurement planning.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science.
Assessing, effect of procurement planning, Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA)