An investigation into the use of marketing strategies by Colts football clubs in the Kumasi Metropolis

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This study sought to investigate the use of marketing strategies by colts football clubs in the Kumasi metropolis. The objectives were to assess the effect of sponsorship in the development of colts football in the Kumasi Metropolis, to examine the promotional strategies used by colts clubs in marketing young footballers and finally to identify pricing policies used by colts clubs in marketing young footballers in the Kumasi Metropolis. The study revealed that as huge as 83.33% of respondents indicated that the maximum years players were kept at the academy were three as it serves as transition point from youth development leagues to a professional system. Among the tools used to disseminate the activities of clubs to their fans, discussions of sports programmes on local FM radio stations ranked the most vibrant. It was also revealed that sponsorship deals for the club were virtually absent as 83.33% of respondents self-financed their club’s activities. Some of the pricing strategies used were survival and premium pricing. It was recommendation that team managers must do well to secure financial assistance from the various organisations in the metropolis especially those that show interest in sports. Team managers must do well to showcase well talented players in a spectacular manner to help enhance their image. Teams and individual players should be well branded to attract the needed attention from organisatons that for example deal in energy products, like Nestle Ghana. Websites can be created to give out vital information about the players which could be in the form of videos, pictures and also tapping the experience and resources of former successful colts players in the management of the clubs. It was concluded that there was the need for full integration of marketing activities in every sphere of the juvenile clubs in the Kumasi metropolis in order to enhance their full potentials.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Marketing Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) (Marketing).