The effects of market orientation on business performance: the mediating role of internal communication. Case study of Vodafone Ghana.

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Market orientation has gained the attention of many researchers in the marketing field after the seminal work of Narver and Slater, and Kholi and Jarworski instituted by Marketing Science Institute. Many of the research have established a positive relationship between market orientation and company performance in many industries across continents. This thesis adopted the market orientation scale developed by Narver and Slater to investigate the mediating role of internal communication in the market orientation and performance relationship of Vodafone Ghana. Vodafone Ghana still remains a weak number two player in the telecommunication sector in spite of its adoption of market orientation strategy and implemented a robust internal communication plan according to National Communication 2014 report. The opinions of 95 managers were involved in the study by use of purposive and proportional sampling method via the questionnaire administration by E-mail across the country. A combination of correlational and regression analyses were used to study the relationship and impact of market orientation on performance. The study found out that there is a significant relationship between market orientation and business performance (R=0.418; p<0.01). Internal communication was found to partially mediate the relationship between market orientation and business performance. It was recommended that management of Vodafone Ghana examine other factor that could impact on performance. Again the company could consider review of its internal communication strategy as a way of improving business performance. In deed in a highly competitive market the key drivers of success is the speed with which market intelligence is shared across department and built into all processes and offerings to the target market.
The dissertation is submitted to the KNUST School of Business Department of Marketing and Corporate Strategy, School of Humanities and Social Science in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Philosophy in Marketing, 2015