Un Aperçu De La Fidelite De La Traduction Anglaise De La Greve Des Battu D’aminata Sow Fall Par Dorothy Blair

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Translated into a rich and free flowing English by Dorothy Blair, the novel The Beggar’s Strike, originally written in French by Aminata Sow Fall under the name, la Grève des battu, has been largely read and admired in West Africa and the world over. But many, no doubt, are the readers who have not realised that this book has zones of unfaithful or weak translations like most translated literature of francophone origin. And many more, probably, do not even know that the book was originally written in French. From our research, though several translations of francophone literature into English, such as The African Child, The old man and the medal, The poor Christ of Bomba, and several poems of Senghor and Birago Diop, have been studied and examined in the light of translation criticism, it seems to us that this very important translated literature of francophone origin, The Beggar's Strike is still begging to be examined in the light of translation criticism, hence this study. The present study therefore, pinpoints some of these weak translations and suggests more acceptable versions to complement the effort of the translator. Labeled under headings such as, des superbes traductions, des omissions, des sur-traductions et des sous-traductions, this study examines each of the weak translations carefully and impartially, giving constructive criticism and alternatives where necessary.
A thesis presented to the Faculty of Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MASTER OF PHILOSOPHY (M.PHIL.) DEGREE,2012