Analyzing the effect of credit risk on construction project implementation success in Barclays Bank Ghana Limited Head office Accra.

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Most financial institutions are liable to credit risk activities which affects their existence. Credit risk is simply defined as the potential that a bank borrower or counterparty will fail to meet its obligations in accordance with agreed terms of a contract. This activity has become more prominent in Ghana which affect project implementation. The research sought to assess the effect of credit risk on project implementation success specifically at Barclays Bank Ghana Limited. The study investigation was mainly based on the quantitative research approach using primary data obtained through questionnaire administered to 40 respondents from the credit risk department. Findings based on the study indicated that the bank has methodologies for credit risk measurement which aided the bank to quantify credit risk exposures of individuals who borrow from the bank. The study also revealed that there was minimum attention to control the adherence of processes as well as poor portfolio risk management. The study again revealed that ineffective credit policies and guidelines lacks strict adherence to credit standards by counterparties and borrowers, due to insufficient institutional capacity and proper banking supervision on the part of central bank. It was also found that projects were successful if completed within the planned cost and time reducing credit risks. The study recommended that effective credit risk management policy will increase the successful completion of project. In addition, Barclays Bank Ghana Limited should continue to diversify its lending activities and should allocate more funds to the productive sectors of the economy, especially private sector, businesses should be prioritized and supported by the government to help complete project.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfilment of requirement for the Degree of Master of Science.
Analyzing, Credit risk, Project implementation,, Barclays Bank