Establishment of a works E-Procurement framework procedure for Ghana Civil Aviation Authority

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The research was carried out to establish a works electronic procurement framework procedure through National Competitive Tendering Method for Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in the light of policy level, implementation level and contractor-side critical success factors. The aim of the study was to develop a step-by-step works electronic procurement procedure for use by GCAA. The research explored the documented critical factors that ensure the success of electronic procurement. A qualitative research approach was adopted using purposive sampling techniques. Data was obtained through semi-structured interviews of selected Directors and Managers of GCAA and selected Contractors actively working with GCAA. The research findings were that majority of critical success factors existed within GCAA for initiation of e-procurement while GCAA’s contractors had in place limited critical success factors. The research conclusion was that GCAA had well enough infrastructure to realign towards e-procurement adoption/implementation, however the contractors did not have all it took to come aboard and will have to be upgraded. It was recommended that; GCAA should without delay start a policy to adopt e-procurement for works and follow up to implement same, develop the capacity of its contractors to participate in the process and adopt the proposed step-by-step framework for implementation.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science,