Assessing the role of project management information system (pmis) on construction projects success in Ghana

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This study sought to ascertain the impact of PMIS on Construction Projects Success in Ghana. The objectives of the study were to measure the quality of PMIS deployed in managing construction project, the quality of information output generated by PMIS in construction project, the challenges associated with PMIS adoption and the effect of PMIS on project success in construction projects in Ghana. The study deployed logistic regression analysis to analyze primary data obtained through questionnaires. The study found out that the quality of information churned out by PMIS is excellently available at any material time, relevant, accurate and reliable. The study also indicated that the elements militating against PMIS adoption in Ghana included high cost of PMIS equipment, absence of training to staff who are ready to adopt the System, poor internet connectivity, absence of management support and then system failure are hampering the adoption of the PMIS usage within the Construction Project in Ghana. The study also confirms an existence of a significant and positive relationship between PMIS and project success as well as quality decision making. This significant relationship between PMIS ensures overall project success as it is able to successfully integrate all time, budget and scope into an improved project development from cost to timeliness in a healthy outcome for the adoption and development of the Construction Industry in Ghana. The researcher recommends that Construction Firms must invest resources into PMIS to support project managers and project team in managing and executing projects effectively.
A dissertation submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Science.
Project Success, Assessment of PMIS, Construction projects, PMS adoption in Ghana.