Court Complex Design, Tema

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A courthouse according to the Heinemann Students dictionary is a place where judges, magistrates and other officials hear and judge legal matters. Courthouses generally are attended by all members of the public. Its design should be such that all these members of the public feel accommodated whenever they visit them. The main aim of this study was to identify design guidelines for Court buildings and to recommend design considerations for future courts in Ghana. The main objectives of the study is to study broadly the general operations and services of the Ghana Judicial Service and to identify problems in some selected court which may slow down Justice delivery. The study included visits to Courthouses to conduct surveys on the provisions made in their designs that will aid the public when it comes to the adjudication of cases The Recommendations made included: A. Meet projected spatial requirements for the future. This is because from the case studies conducted and studies conducted on the Tema court it was noticed that most of our court rooms are small therefore causing overcrowding with some attendants standing outside. B. New court complexes must also meet new trends in design. This could be in terms of incorporation of new technologies and spaces such as public information rooms, electronic reference rooms and audio visual rooms to mention but a few. These will help in efficient and prompt justice delivery. C. Legislation should be passed in Parliament to make it an offence to design Civic buildings without provisions for disabled access.
A thesis presented to the Department of Architecture, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Post Graduate Diploma degree in Architecture.