Organizational creativity, innovation and firm performance; the moderating role of network ties

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Organizational creativity and innovation have become essential elements in achieving firm performance and competitiveness in today's rapidly changing business environment. This study examines the relationship between organizational creativity, innovation, and firm performance while exploring the moderating role of network ties. The study draws on the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm and social network theory to develop a theoretical framework. Data was collected through a survey of 112 firms from the manufacturing industries in Accra. The results indicate that organizational creativity and innovation are positively related to firm performance. Furthermore, network ties do not moderate this relationship, indicating that the strength and quality of a firm's external network ties may not influence the positive impact of organizational creativity and innovation on firm performance. The study further found that innovation had a positive mediating influence on the relationship between organizational creativity and performance. The findings of this study have important implications for managers and policymakers, suggesting that fostering creativity and innovation within organizations and developing strong external network ties can lead to better firm performance. The study concludes that, organizational creativity significantly and positively affects the firm performance of manufacturing firms. Also, innovation, such as constant monitoring and scanning of the environment, improves efficiency through the adaptation of technology impacts performance.
A thesis submitted to the department of supply chain and information systems in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of master of science procurement and supply chain management