Effect of procurement planning on service delivery efficiency in Mary-lucy hospital in Ghana

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The process of procuring works, products, and services from a third party is known as procurement. The purpose of the research is to determine the impact of procurement planning on service delivery at Accra's mary-lucy hospital. This was accomplished by looking at the procurement planning practices, evaluate service delivery efficiency and users in terms of outsourcing, and determine the effect of procurement planning practices on service delivery efficiency. In descriptive research, data are systematically collected about people and groups in order to test theories or find answers to study questions. The study made use of purposive sampling technique to select sixty (65) randomly respondents from mercy-lucy hospital. Inferential statistics was used to quantify the correlations between various variables, whereas statistics was used to explain in detail the features of the variables. According to the report, the hospital ensures that resource planning is grounded on the most recent pricing on the market. The study also discovered that the hospital's high degree of client response and provision of high-quality services throughout our everyday operations were responsible for the efficient service delivery. According to the study's findings, the effectiveness of service delivery and procurement planning are strongly positively correlated. The study recommended that mercy-Lucy hospital develop top-notch plans where procurement staffs want to consolidate all of the departments' budgets and acquire everything at once in order to reduce procurement expenses, which can assist to save a lot of money and subsequently enhance service delivery.
A thesis submitted to procurement and supply chain management department, university of science and technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of master of science in procurement