Design and production of Commemorative ceramic mural of African Cup of Nations, Ghana-CAN 2008

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Commemorative objects are objects meant to serve as memorial to someone or events. It is therefore logical that the most important events are remembered for what they are. Based on this fact, a ceramic mural has been made to commemorate the Africa Cup of Nations (Ghana 2008). Ceramic murals form an integral part of architecture. In modern times, they do not only perform the function of just aesthetics but they also educate. This project therefore, when erected at Baba Yara Sport Stadium, will decorate the place and also educate the public. To achieve the objectives, attempts were made to come out with the appropriate drawings of scenes of activities of Africa Cup of Nations- Ghana 2008 event. After reviewing the related literature for the topic which was conducted through library studies, internet, reading of newspapers, the necessary tools and materials needed assembled. To also achieve a successful result for the main project, experiments were conducted in order to secure the appropriate clay and glazes. Tests for the clay included moisture absorption and linear shrinkage. For glazes, tests were done for the right colour and prevention of flaws. An acrylic paint and gold finger were finally used to finish the work in a unique style. A Ghanaian traditional symbol ( Adinkra) “funtunfunafu denkyem-funafu, won afuru bom nso worididi a na wore fom” has been repeatedly incorporated in the design of the mural to portray unity. It was also intended to preserve and promote the Ghanaian cultural Heritage. The extensive use of the photographs and illustrations is intended to educate people who wish to take up similar projects.
A Thesis submitted to the Department of Industrial Art,Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology,in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Fine Art (Ceramics)