An assessment of the impacts of Newmont Gold Ghana Limited (NGGL) on the Socio- Economic Development after six years of Operation in the Birim North District.

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The Birim North District used to be one of the forested region Districts in the country. Parts of these were however reserved to ensure their sustainable use. The area also had records of peasant farmers in some parts of the District. The vegetative cover had been reduced by the activities of these peasant farmers, lumbering activities and illegal chain saw operations. This has been worsened by the incidence of bush fires in the area, over exploitation and illegal mining activities which is on the upsurge. This research adopted both quantitative and qualitative method of data collection, analysis and reporting in providing socio-economic development effects of the activities of the NGGL. Also, the study depended on secondary data such as journals, publications, and primary data from households, various institutions, and Opinion leaders for its sources of information, analyses and reporting. The interview covered households, opinion leaders, business owners, NGO’s and NGGL management. It became evident that, although NGGL has not started extraction, there is a high tendency of destroying the environment, the Company is committed to high standards of environmental protection as well as worker health and safety. The district has also benefited from the operations of Newmont Ghana Gold Limited in the areas of water, electricity extensions, employment and revenue generation. It is recommended that, the Birim district supports the operations of Newmont Gold since it has a lot of prospects for the development of the District. This would be in the Implementation of most if not all of the development priorities of the District and also invest in other districts to generate more revenue for future development projects.
A Thesis Submitted To the Department Of Geography and Rural Development Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology in partial fulfilment for the degree of Master of Arts.