E-Business as a tool for managing the value chain of Educational Programmes of Ho Polytechnic

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The study explored the use of e-business as a tool for managing the value chain activities of Ho Polytechnic. The main objective of the research was to examine the challenges and constraints facing the Polytechnic in applying e-business to its value chain activities and the efforts being made to overcome the challenges and constraints. Questionnaires were administered among 100 management and academic staff of the Polytechnic to find answers to the issues raised. Key management staff of the Polytechnic were interviewed on the ICT agenda of the Polytechnic. The research revealed that the Polytechnic was facing challenges and constraints like; unreliable Internet connectivity, unstable power supply that was resulting in damage to equipment, limited number of networked computers and a lack of competence among staff in some computer applications. The study also found out that there is a good understanding among respondents, of e-business and the benefits of applying it to the value chain activities of the institution to reduce cost improve efficiency and maximise productivity. To confront the challenges and constraints, the Polytechnic has crafted an ICT Policy; contracted SocketWorks Global to automate and upgrade ICT facilities of the institution and to train staff in the use of the facilities. The research discovered that SocketWorks Global was finding it difficult to deliver its obligations under the contract. The study recommends a review of the contract with SocketWorks Global to guarantee value for money to the Polytechnic and to facilitate the application of e-business as a tool for managing the value chain operations of the institution.
A thesis presented to the Institute Of Distance Learning, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science And Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Commonwealth Executive Masters In Business Administration (CEMBA) Degree In Policy Analysis And Strategic Management.