The role of SG-SSB Limited in the socio-economic development of the Juaboso District

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Banks serve as instruments for the development of businesses which translates into prosperity and thereby facilitates the rapid socio-economic growth of nations. Bonsu (2001). The incentive for this study was to find out the reasons that could be assigned to the abject poverty and squalor that continuously plagued the people in the Juaboso District with in the last four years even though SG-SSB Limited was at'the Centre’ of its development economically and socially. Again it was to recommend definitive e solutions to the problems that were found. A qualitative study of a sample made up of categories comprising customers of the Bank, Non-customers of the bank, District Assembly members, Farmers, Traders, Chiefs, Workers and SG-SSB Limited employees revealed that even though the Bank has made remarkable strides in the economic development of the District, respondents indicated that the Bank's efforts were skewed towards the well to do in society whilst the poor were passed over. Hence the prevalence of poverty and under - development in the District. Findings also brought to the fore the fact that the Bank has performed abysmally poor in respect of corporate social responsibility. This in addition to the aforementioned have hampered the socio-economic development of the District.
A thesis submitted to College of Arts and Social Sciences, KNUST Business School, 2008