Semi-abstract metal sculpture on the theme: ‘reflections of affection’

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This project sought to research into welding and fabrication as technological study, and their applications to the production of two sculptural pieces that were not only going to serve decorative but also functional purpose. The artefacts are sculptures which symbolic in concept. The research design used was studio-based research design. The type of research tools used were based on the praxis and exegesis; the triangulation of studio-based research which involves observation, creation and analysis. Facilities for the study were libraries, internet, journals, books, and works of experts in sculpture and the Metal Product Design. The objectives of the research were to explore the field of welding and fabrication technology as a means of adding to the practical knowledge in academia and other in the near future, to demonstrate the in-depth knowledge gained in other practical Metalsmithing and mild steel forming techniques throughout the research in the designing and fabricating of metal statues. It also dealt with how to experiment on the effective ways of welding lighter forms of steel to thicker or the heavier forms, to improve upon the use of durable metal statues by placing emphasis on abstract and semi abstract African lighting figures and to produce metal semi-abstract lighting statues based on the concept; ‘reflections of affection’. The project report is made up of five chapters and each chapter is subdivided into topics and sub-topics based on the structure of the entire project. It may be of an interest to academia and the general public to know that there are so many types of sculpture, materials for sculpture, sculpting techniques, and functionalities of the various sculptural pieces, but only a few these in Ghana have really been sculpted in metal and have lighting features.
A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of Master of Art,