Examining the effects of basic motivational factors on project Productivity in the banking sector

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August, 2019
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Human capital is considered essential in any organization. For any business to succeed or fail, it is to a large extent dependent on its human factors. They are the source of success, productivity and high performance in the organization. How employers regard employees, how they treat them, how they make them feel about themselves in the workplace remotely or directly affects the output and ultimately productivity which further goes a long way to affect the development of the organization. Dissatisfied employees will no doubt produce less and hence decrease performance. The aim of the study is to provide strategies to improve productivity in the banking sector through the use of appropriate motivational factors. The study adopted the mixed approach of research design and the case method approach to derive answers to questions that were formulated. A non-probability design with a purposive sampling technique was adopted to select the opinions of 100 employees of Zenith Bank Ghana limited. Analysis of the data that was subsequently gathered was conducted using the SPSS 16 software and the Microsoft excel 2010 applications. The study disclosed that there is indeed a correlation between motivation and project productivity and even though employees are most often than motivated by monetary benefits, good working conditions, career development, and recognition have slowly become the factors that employees seek to receive from their employers to boost their productivity. The study therefore concluded more efforts be put in place to encourage employees to produce more. The researcher recommends that management of Zenith bank Ghana limited take a keen interest in providing these motivational factors in a bid to drive performance and keep it abreast of its competitors.
A dissertation submitted to the Department of Construction Technology & Management, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science.
Effects, Basic Motivational, banking, Productivity