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The development challenges facing Ghana in the last decade of the twentieth century call for sound effective and efficient national leadership in development activities in all sectors of the economy. In the past, various programmes and institutions were established like tertiary institutions, polytechnics, training colleges and vocational schools to equip the human resource with some skills. However, because of the low development activities in the country job opportunities is non-existence hence causing 19.5% unemployment growth rate. The situation has become acute because of a number of reasons which include: 1. Governments’ embargo on employment within the public sector 2. Redundancy and unemployment exercise currently going on in the public service and the State Owned Enterprises and Corporations 3. Under developed private sector To ease the unemployment situation, the Government Policy now is to encourage the Private Sector to create more jobs. This has then led to the establishment of several non-governmental organizations such as the National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI), Ghana Association of Private and Voluntary Organizations in Development (GAPVOD) as well as the Centre for Development of People (CEDEP). It must be noted that the problem of unemployment does confront both those in the formal and informal sectors as well. This is because the skills one acquires after going through some kind of training does not necessarily make him an entrepreneur. The present economic problems that confront our nation as at now have hampered the development initiatives of dynamic groups and talented individuals in our communities. The role of CEDEP therefore, is to evolve a network of groups and individuals engaged in development initiatives and provide resources that will enhance their skills. However, because of limited facilities, in terms of space, the organizations, activities have been hampered. Thus, as part of my contribution towards CEDEPs operations, I decided to undertake this study as a student architect to help make their dreams a reality. The study therefore aims at providing a permanent Resource Centre for CEDEP where our skilled labour could go for assistance. In conclusion, I would say even though the potential and resources for development are available, most Ghanaians sit without jobs because they lack direction and guidance which the Centre for Development of People is ready to provide.
A design thesis dissertation presented at the faculty of Environmental and Development Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements of tile Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture,1994.