‘’Les Ennemis de la Femme dans Faceless et Beyond the Horizon d'Amma Darko "

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Against the background of the general accusation, especially by feminists, that men create to the largest extent the feminine condition and for that matter are the worst enemies of women, we studied the enemies of women as painted by Amma Darko in Faceless and Beyond the Horizon. We started the study with the accusation as our hypothesis with a view to substantiating or refuting it. In the course of the-analysis, we studied the various instances of oppression to which men have subjected women. We discovered, on the superficial plane of analysis, that the dominant picture was that of men as oppressors and exploiters of women. However, a deeper reflection revealed that women themselves contribute enormously towards their own condition, notably through their complicity via, among others, quasi-absolute dependence on man for survival and instincts for direction, inaction, as well as improper choices and excessive censure of patriarchy as an impersonal system. Again, we discovered that certain neutral factors (though not absolutely free from the control of human agents) such as the family, tradition, human nature, the economic situation, patriarchy as a force, as well as immigrant and racial policies, have a role to play to configure the feminine condition. Thus, the hypothesis we started our study with was confirmed, though with a reservation; that although men (together with other neutral factors) appear to contribute most immensely toward the condition of women, the complicity of the tatter is enough to even threaten the assertion that men are the worst enemies of women.  
A thesis presented to the Department of Modern Languages, Faculty of Social Sciences in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of a Master of Philosophy degree in French.