Maximization of natural gas liquids recovery of the Ghana national gas plant- atuabo

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November 2015
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Ghana National Gas Company was set up in 2011 to process natural gas produced from the Jubilee fields. The natural gas produced from the reservoir is piped to the surface as a dense phase and taken through the well head treatment to produce a liquid and gaseous phase. The two phases are separated with a liquid separator unit after which the sweet lean gas obtained is taken through dew point control. After dew point control, Natural gas liquids are recovered from the lean gas stream by expansion refrigeration with the sales gas being forwarded to Aboadze thermal plant and the liquids, fractioned into LPGs, pentanes and condensates sold separately for domestic consumption, power production and refinery feed respectively. Ghana gas has installed a Joule Thompson valve for this purpose in phase 1 to recover 70m3/hr. of natural gas liquids at an efficiency of 60% as per design. There is still a high amount of Natural gas liquids which will be left in the lean gas stream to be forwarded to the Aboadze thermal plant The use of an alternative expansion refrigeration method, Turbo expansion is likely to recover more liquids as its 90% plus efficient. This project looks at how much liquids can be generated as per the forecasted flows of both methods and the yearly revenue to be accrued justifying the need to install a Turbo Expander in the next phase.
A project submitted to the School of Graduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Professional Master in Engineering with Management, Oil and Gas Department of Chemical Engineering College of Engineering,