Examining Internal Customer Satisfaction and Motivation in Service Delivery: The Case of MTN Ghana Customer Service Employees.

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The importance of customer satisfaction as a critical success factor has been recognized by practitioners and academics for several years now. Although customer satisfaction play an important role in the communications industries due to their special characteristics, most researchers focus on consumer goods or manufacturing services, leaving communications industries fairly uncovered. In order to give communications industries well-founded recommendations on how to reach a high level of satisfaction, the main drivers of customer satisfaction have to be revealed. The identification of these drivers and the influence of customer satisfaction on service delivery to the external customer are the primary goals of this study. Taking into account that there has been a change of paradigms in scale development the researcher created a state-of-the-art questionnaire, which was administered to respondents of MTN Ghana Customer Service Employees nationwide. The researcher found that internal customer satisfaction has a strong relationship with the services that external customers receive, management must meet the needs and expectations of their internal customers, who can, in turn, meet external customers‟ needs. This paper also highlights the key factors that affect satisfaction level by analyzing the data collected within MTN Ghana and further suggests the potential area to be considered to maintain a high level of satisfaction.
Submitted to the Faculty of Distance Learning at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Kumasi, Accra Center for the Award of Commonwealth Executive Masters in Business Administration.