Evaluation of career information service in visual art education: a case study of three Senior Secondary Schools in the Kumasi Metropolis.

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In our new educational system, one area which is considered crucial in the development and mobilisation of human resources for economic growth and sustenance at the Senior Secondary School level is career Guidance and Counseling. Within the on-going education reform this unit is considered essential due to the expectation that the Senior Secondary Schools are going to receive students with varied abilities and interests. Also with the emphasis on vocationalisation and technical/practical oriented courses at those level Guidance officers are urgently needed to provide Career Guidance Services and to help place them in the areas of their interest and capabilities. The Visual Art, which is a major part of the vocational programme in the Senior Secondary School, is of great concern because it needs exposition of Guidance and Counselling Services to prepare students for a wider variety of skills for Careers in industries. Unfortunately, it is not given the due attention at the basic level of education where students are expected to select subjects for Senior Secondary School education. For example basic schools are expected to choose only one area out of ten Visual Arts disciplines. Therefore, before they enter the Senior Secondary School the Junior Secondary School students are not well exposed to the broad scope of the Visual Art subjects and their careers due to inadequate career information. This always leads to difficulty in choosing areas of their specialisation. The result is that sometimes some students are pushed to Visual Art department at the Senior Secondary School level against their will. A recent survey and findings have revealed that there is inadequate career guidance services provided for Visual Art students. This shows that all is riot well with guidance programmes and that there is more room for improvement. This thesis has therefore attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of the Career Guidance Programme for Visual Art students at the Senior Secondary Schools. The researcher has therefore made some suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the Career Guidance Programme in schools.
A thesis presented to the school of Post Graduate Studies in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Master of Philosophy in Art Education, 2001