Challenges facing Visual Arts Education in the Colleges of Education in the Western Region of Ghana

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June 2014
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This study aimed at finding the causes and effects of the challenges facing Visual Arts education in Holy Child, Enchi and Wiawso Colleges of Education in the Western Region of Ghana. These challenges do not exist as a result of unavailability of tutors in the said colleges. There are qualified tutors in the Colleges of Education sampled in their respective areas of specialization. The major design for this research was the qualitative approach. The researcher employed the descriptive research method to collect and analyse primary data that were sourced through questionnaire and interview. This was supplemented by Library search for secondary data. The findings revealed that 64% of students who gain admission into the Colleges of Education have no background knowledge in any of the Visual Arts Related Subject. In addition, they perceive the subject to be difficult. The instructional time allocated to Visual Arts Related Subjects is woefully inadequate when matched against the scope of the content spelt out in the course outline. This compels only a few students to opt for Visual Arts Related Subjects as their elective in the second year. Tutors of Visual Arts Related Subjects are forced to hold additional lessons with students outside official contact periods just to ensure that they equip their students with the knowledge and skills required to pass their examinations and also for teaching when they leave College. One major recommendation to the Principals of the Colleges of Education is that they should influence their College Councils to support the Colleges to provide simple Visual Arts studios for the Colleges to enable the provision of better tuition and study of Visual Arts Related Subjects. The Teacher Education Division of the Ghana Education Service should also set up a committee to review the Visual Arts course outline for the Colleges of Education. The Government of Ghana, Ministry of Education and Teacher Education Division should team up and provide the Colleges with the basic needed resources, thus tools, materials and equipments to iv facilitate proper teaching and learning of skills and knowledge in Visual Arts Related Subjects. Finally, policy planners should formulate policies which will enable Visual Arts Related Subjects to be taught in the two semesters of the first year instead of the existing one semester tuition it receives. Principals of the Colleges of Education should allocate between 30% and 40% of vacancy for applicants who have some knowledge in any of the Visual Arts Related Subjects during the period of admission. Non Governmental Organizations should be consulted to assist by supplementing Government’s efforts in providing funds or resources for the Colleges of Education.
A thesis submitted to the Department of School of Graduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts in Art Education.