Aesthetic and Educational Underpinnings of Signs and Symbols among the Central Ewes of Ghana

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The Central Ewes have identifiable signs and symbols that are of significance to them. The youth, especially, do not adequately benefit from them. The older generations are dying with the knowledge, so a gap is created as to how to learn the accumulated knowledge and values from the signs and symbols. Central Ewe signs and symbols are also not generally known and the larger population is generally not familiar with their values. They are ‘coded’ and need to be unravelled for better appreciation. In order to solve the problem, the research sought to identify and discuss the signs and symbols, their aesthetic and educational values. The study sets out objectives, which help develop a structured interview guide to gather information. Geographically, the study is limited to eleven (11) towns in the Central Volta region of Ghana. Twenty-one (21) signs and twenty (20) symbols were identified. The signs and symbols have aesthetic and educational values from which moral lessons are learnt and it is an integral part of their everyday life. Central Ewes also have additional concepts of aesthetics which spell out the theory of excellence. Besides, they equate beauty with function or usefulness. Some of the signs and symbols are similar to that of the Akans. Their use will achieve cultural unity among the Central Ewes and other cultures, especially non-Ewes in the country
Thesis submitted to the Department of General Art Studies, Faculty of Art, in Partial Fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN ART EDUCATION.