The moderation effect of strategic planning and innovative capabilities on the performance in selected insurance companies

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The purpose of this study was to assess the moderation effect of Strategic Planning and Innovative Capabilities on Performance in selected Insurance Companies. Secondary data for the research was collected by reviewing textbooks, journals, articles, magazines, publications, industry reports, etc. to gather historical perspectives of the research data from renowned authors and researchers. Primary data was gathered with the aid of questionnaires. One hundred (100) questionnaires were sent to employees of the Greater-Accra region of selected insurance companies. Sixty Five (65) responses were obtained representing a response rate of 65%. The results of the administered questionnaires showed a fairly low level of agreement for the features of the various dimensions of strategic planning and innovative capabilities in the insurance companies. However, this study showed the middle level and low level staff of the companies has little knowledge about strategic planning and innovative capabilities of the compa nies. The top management does all the strategic planning and innovations in the company but it is not communicated to the staff. This study also showed that middle and low level employees were ignorant about most major decision of the companies. The researcher recommends that management must ensure that all the department of the organisation is committed to the strategic planning process and implementation. In events where there is breakdown of processes in the organisation, it renders such all efforts ineffective and therefore detrimental to the success of the organisation
A thesis submitted to The School of Business, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Masters in Business Administration (Strategic Management and Consulting), 2015