The nature and extent of the employment problem in rural areas - a case study of Ayerede settlement in Nkoranza District

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The population in most developing countries is growing fast. Since the majority of the population is living in rural areas, the absolute population increase comes from the rural areas. The predominant agricultural sector cannot grow as fast as the population and hence cannot provide enough employment and incomes to the growing population. This thesis underscores the severity of the employment situation in developing countries and gives some explanation on the nature of the employment problem in rural areas. It provides a brief discussion on the concepts of employment examines the role of employment in rural development and briefly looks into the sources and causes of employment problems. A sample survey of households in Ayerede settlement within Nkoranza district was carried out so as to examine the nature and give an indication as to the extent of the employment problem in rural areas. The study was made possible through collection and analysis of primary and secondary data. The main rural employment problems identified include low incomes, seasonal lack of employment, and considerable underemployment. Based on this background, a series of recommendations aimed at solving the problem were also made. The main issues covered include; increasing productivity of the agricultural sector and creating non-agricultural employment. The strategy is based on utilisation of existing potentials.
A Thesis submitted to the Board of Post-Graduate Studies, University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Development Planning and Management,1994.