Assessing the Financial Management Practices of Runel Oil Limited, a Tema Based Domestic Oil Company in Ghana

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October, 2015
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Financial management practices are vital for every organization that wishes to survive for a foreseeable future. This study assess the financial management practices of Runel Oil Ltd, a Tema based domestic oil company, that has about 10 branches across Ghana. This study examined the financing decisions, the investment decisions and the dividend policy of the company by conducting interviews and analyzing these practices with fundamental theories in finance. The study also assessed the effect of these individual decisions on the performance of the firm. This was done by analyzing the financial statements of the company, using financial ratios which include the profitability ratios, the liquidity ratios and finally the efficiency ratios. In addition, the researcher used regression analysis in analyzing the profitability of the company, and the contributing variables to the company profits. Finally the researcher forecasted profit for the next 6 years using the regression model and the beta coefficient designed. The overall impression from this study shows that this company understands and practices good financial management. The financial management practices and decisions taken have proved to suit the vision, profitability and size thresholds that shareholders have agreed upon. The close fit among these should indicate a level of financial management that should be encouraged by the small and medium indigenous Ghanaian companies.
Thesis Submitted to the Department of Accounting and Finance, College of Social Sciences in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the award of Master of Business Administration (MBA FINANCE),