Environmental Sustainability Requirement by MMDA’S in Procurement of Works

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June 2016
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Sustainable procurement is reviewed from previous works to identify some of the environmental issues and challenges faced by the procurement officers. Questionnaires was established on a scales for which the respondents are to use in administering the questionnaires. This study identified some of the environmental factors being considered by the MMDA’s during procurement activities and the challenges they face in implementation of sustainable procurement. The research was carried out in Upper East Region of Ghana were all the 13 Districts were considered during the study. Maximum of 26 questionnaires were sent out to be administered by the procurement officers with in the Districts. Only 20 of the questionnaires were retrieved and the analysis of the findings is based on the 20 questionnaires retrieved. The analysis of the quantitative survey data reveals that, some of the environmental sustainability issues were not considered during procurement. Environmental issues such as; water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, deforestation and energy wastage were only considered often while issues like protection of endanger species and greenhouse effect were mostly ignored. Cost, budget constraint and top management support were identified as some of the barrier or challenges to the sustainable procurement. Therefore, there is a need to review public procurement Act, Act 663 in order to include sustainability during procurement activities. Sustainability manual can be produce as a guide for the attainment of sustainability during procurement.
A thesis submitted to the Department of Building Technology, College of Art and Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science,