Professionalism in teaching at selected departments of KNUST: enhancement of quality education

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Every society wants to develop its human resources and potentials to enhance total growth. Teachers in the Universities are of the idea that their main method of teaching is to lecture but not to undergo strict compliance with the selection of appropriate method of teaching. Generally, lecturing is one of the methods of teaching and the need to undergo professional teachers' training to know the pedagogical training of teaching is inevitable. There is no need to bring University Teacher to the classroom to be trained how to teach. This research was intended to identify professional teachers in the KNUST to know whether to make any recommendations for more professional teachers; assessment of lecturers' performance and to make curriculum framework for the introduction of professional teacher's course in the KNUST. The Researcher adopted the Qualitative and Quantitative research methods to collect, compile and analyze information for the possible solution by training more professional teachers in KNUST. The researcher quotes Vol. 2, of the 2005 QAPU report (quality Assurance and Strategic Planning Unit of KNUST) in Students' evaluation of courses and Lecturers in the first and second semesters of 2003 - 2004 Academic Year. « Views from selected lecturers indicated that professional training of lecturers in KNUST is inevitable and that aspiring lecturers should first undergo professional teachers' course before they are appointed. Even though most of the lecturers did not respond to the questionnaire, it was found out that relatively few of the lecturers in KNUST were professional teachers who were trained as teachers in Teachers Training Colleges or had undergone professional teachers' courses organized by KNUST as short courses. It is recommended that the KNUST, in consultation with the Department of Art Education should make provision for the proper teaching procedure to be planted for better results which will enhance acceptable growth in KNUST which is quite of age.  
A Thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Master of Arts (Art Education),August.