Mokwe Marina Village - Tema

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There is no Marina in Ghana, despite the enormous water resources available in the country, both inland and along the coast stretching 365 rniles. Water resources all over the world have been and can be tapped for recreational purposes, then bringing enormous revenue to the beneficiary country. The question is why Ghana at this stage of her development, has such great potential to bring variety into the lives of individuals, interms of recreation. There are estimated over 64 marinas in England alone which generators revenue to the country sculpts the landscape and increase variety in recreation. Attempts being made by individual, companies in the country to own and maintain boats and chalets on the volta lake as well as water fronts under scores the need for the tapping of this sleeping giant resource. The time to act is now, because resources are not, they become. 2. OBJECTIVES Realising there is no such purpose built facility in the country the following objective were set out. 1. Study the potential and development of water front facilities for recreational purposes. 2. To encourage water sports activities i.e. Boating rowing, skiing, hydroplaning, sailing, canoeing and other related water sports in the country. 3. To provide an avenue for the encouragement of Ghanaian to own maintain pleasure boats. 4. Broaden the Scope of recreation in Ghana by the introduction of this all important activity to the holiday maker. 5. To unify the tentative water clubs that have been formed into formidable clubs to, compete in international competitions and to bring them under one umbrella facility. 6. Extend the season: this would be achieved by introducing a varied scope of activities so the facility is busy all year round. 7. Provide mooring for boat owners where they can service and maintain their boats. 8. Develop the facility with associated facilities like accommodation eating, swimming and conference facility. 9. To hire boats for the purpose of cruising at a fee to interested individuals and groups of people. 10. Objective of Thesis The main objective of this Thesis is to design a comprehensive marina village. where holiday maker can move from the bustling city to a quiet and restful environment and engage in active and passive leisure. 4. Scope The design embraces all aspects of a state of the art marina. Chapter 2 gives a fairer idea of the scope.
A thesis submitted to the Board of Postgraduate Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, 1998