Knowledge, availability and utilization of long lasting insecticide treated bed net among pregnant women in Kaneshie

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September, 2019
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Background: Malaria is a disease which is caused by the plasmodium parasites in the blood or it ssuesiofihumans. iIni2012, igovernmentiofiGhana idistributedibednetsitoipregnantiwomeniiniorder to reduce the transmission of malaria. Though there was a massive distribution alliover the icountry, ithe iconsistent iuse iof ithe iLong iLasting iInsecticide itreated iNet i(LLIN) iisilow. iThusithis istudy iwasidone ito ifind iout ithe iuse iof iLLIN iamong ipregnant iwomen iin ithe iKaneshie iPolyclinic iandifindioutiknowledgeiofitheipregnantiwomenionimalariaiprevention. iMethod: iA ifacility ibased icross-sectional istudy iinvolving i227 ipregnant iwas icarried iout iat iKaneshie iPolyclinic iin iApril ito iAugust i2019. i277 irespondents iwere isampled iusing ipurposive isampling ifrom iamong ithose iwho iattend iAnte-Natal iclinic iin iKaneshie iPolyclinic. iData iwas icollected iusing ia iquestionnaire idesigned iin iOpen iData iKit i(ODK)iand ianalysed iusing iexcel. iThe idataiwasipresentediinifrequencyitable. Results:iAitotal iofi227 irespondentsiwere iinvolved iin ithe istudy. iThe imean iage iofithe irespondents iwasi35 iyears. iThe imajority iofipregnant iwomen i(91.19%)i(204)i iwho iattended iANCiat iKaneshie iPolyclinic ihad iknowledge iabout itransmission iof imalaria. iMost iof ithem i(78.18%) ihad ivery igood iknowledge iabout iLLIN iuse iand ithat iwasisignificant. iSome iofithe iparticipantsi[38.33% i(87)] ihad imisconceptions iabout ithe iuse iof iLLIN. iDespite itheir ihigh ilevel iof iknowledge iabout imalaria itransmission iand iuse iofiLLIN, ithe ilevel iofiusage iofiLLIN iamong ithe ipregnant iwasilow i68.28%. iMajority iof ithe irespondents iwere iof ithe iview ithat ithey iuse ithe inet ibecause imalaria iwill inot ikill ithemianditheiriunbornichildiwillibeisafe. Conclusion:iIniconclusion, iaccessibilityioffiLLINiisiveryihighiyetiunitizationiwasiveryilowi
A thesis submitted to the School of Public Health, College of Health Sciences, in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of a Bachelor Degree in Public Health.
Knowledge, availability, Insecticide, Bed net, Pregnant women, Kaneshie