A comparative study of project management practices in local and foreign construction companies in Ghana

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The effective practice of project management leads to a successful project closure. The management processes involves initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling of the project. However, most organizations undertake projects without necessarily adhering to these standard project management practices leading to the failure of most projects. The local construction companies face many challenges than the foreign construction companies in teams of project failure in Ghana. The purpose of this study is to investigate the level at which project management practices are adopter in the implementation of projects in Kumasi Municipality, Ashanti Region. It is also to investigate the success rate of projects undertaken by the local and foreign construction companies and find out the causes of project failure. The method used to carry out this research is solicitation of information from the Engineers and Managers who supervise construction projects. Data gathered was analyzed using descriptive approach including; mean and standard deviation by Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) and was ranked according to it level of importance. The major findings of this research indicate that Project Management process group were adopted in implementation of construction projects however, the local construction companies lack project management department but have a personal in charge as a Project Manager who oversee all aspect in managing a project and this affect implementation of project management practices. On the other hand, foreign construction companies have project management department with various section that help in implementing project management practices. It was highly recommended that local construction companies should have project management department and this would ensure good standard practices are follow to the letter for a high success rate of projects
A thesis submitted to the Department of Construction Technology and Management, College of Arts Built Environment in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the Degree of Masters of Science.
Comparative, Project Management Practice, Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling