The impact of technology driven strategy on growth of a firm: a case study of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited.

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The research is to study how technology strategy impact growth of a firm. Guinness Ghana Breweries was used as a case study. This is the market leader in the alcoholic beverage industry in Ghana and continues to experience growth in an economic environment in which its main competitors are experiencing decline. The study reviewed how Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited took advantage of this economic environment to grow and become a market leader in the alcoholic Beverage Industry in Ghana. A review of some of the performance indicators of Guinness Ghana Breweries show performance as growth. The technological changes in some of the processes were presented with diagrams comparing previous plant and equipment and the current plant and equipment showing the level of change in technology. Data for the study was collected from both primary and secondary sources. .Primary data was collected using standard questionnaires designed to achieve the objective of the study. Secondary data was collected from Guinness Ghana Breweries annual report and financial statements for 2003 to 2007, books and journals. The study population comprises six Heads of Departments, eighty Managers and one hundred and ten junior staff of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited. Questionnaires were sent variously to the Heads of Departments, Managers and junior staff on various areas needed to change for them to experience growth. Their views were variously expressed and the responses were analysed using the statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). Frequency tables and Pie charts were used to show the result of responses to the questionnaires. The findings showed that there was capability improvement for managers, but this was not applicable to the junior staff 20% rated this as poor. Findings include lack of succcssion planning and poor welfare. Key challenge was that the junior staff were not willing to complete questionnaires. One of the key recommendations is for Guinness Ghana to take advantage of its strength in Technology to diversify into water bottling and using local raw materials.
A Thesis submitted to the school of Business, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Executive Masters in Business Administration In Strategic Management, 2008