Waterfront Hotel Resort - Sakumono

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The soothing, relaxing effect of water bodies cannot be substituted in any way, as many uses as one may find for water, its simple use of quenching our thirst cannot be substituted, its use and presence always has an impact on human life. Waterfront developments are a great source of income generation for any establishment because it creates means by which people utilise these to its greatest potential. The United Arab Emirates has expanded its income generation prowess to the highest level, the once growing oil boom in the country is on its way to be diminished in the next 6 years. Alternatively the country has taken up tourism as its next growing source of income for the country. Artificial islands, artificial ski resorts and sun skiing just to mention a few have been created purposely to increase tourist attraction in this growing nation. « Statistics at the Ghana Tourist Board has showed the growing number of tourist visiting the country, Ghana being the gateway to Africa shows the potential of having the greatest number of tourist visits, this proves that we can utilise tourism to the greatest level. It would be improper to neglect our water bodies, our coastal front, our sandy beaches to ruins, to leave them to pollution and contamination, would be to poison the one thing that serves to maintain our existence. The use of land by waterfronts for constructive establishments will seek to help in the prevention of such contamination and improve on the appraisal of these bodies. 
A design thesis report submitted to the Department of Architecture of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture.